We Give You Options

One Size Does Not Fit All
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Each reputation management situation is different.  Sometimes you are dealing with a personal attack, but in others your company is losing thousands of dollars in revenue  due to negative content.

WebFactCheck.com is not a suppression company.  Ninety-five percent (95%) of companies in online reputation management are suppression companies.  Reputation.com is a suppression company.  Don’ t get us wrong, we have nothing against Reputation.com but they will tell you, upfront, that they won’t try to have negative content removed.

While there is nothing wrong with “pushing down” negative content (we advocate for it too, sometimes), other and more-effective tactics exist.

After reviewing your situation, we will make recommendations.

1)      Removal.  We have had success having content removed from the Internet.  Just so we are clear, we are not talking about pushing the results to page 30.  We are talking about removal – as in contacting the website and convincing them to take it down.   (How do we do it? Call us and we will be happy to discuss it.)  Once the negative content is gone, we report the dead link to the search engines and it can be gone from your life in a matter of days.  This is always our first option.  In one instance, a client was quoted five figures to suppress content that we had removed overnight.

2)      Get Legal.  In some instances, the best course of action is legal.  If you or your business is severely damaged, you may have legal options to recover from the offender.  While we are not lawyers, we work with top attorneys, some of whom have won record-setting damages in online defamation cases.  We can help you explore your legal options.

3)      Make it disappear from Google search results.  We offer services to have links to negative content removed from Google search results.  Again, this is not suppression but involves sophisticated tactics to have content removed from Google results.  The details of how this is accomplished are proprietary, but we will be happy to discuss it during a consultation.  We guarantee these results so there is no risk on your part.

4)      Suppression.  There’s that word again.  In some instances, we recommend suppression tactics, typically to supplement other services.  We work with top professionals to push down negative results as part of an overall online reputation management program.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will offer you the best option for your situation.