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Based on Actual Blog Post and Actual Report with Identities Redacted
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This blog is largely a restatement of the formal letter that was written to a government agency in 2012. Many aspects of the blog originated in a report written by two expert and credible witnesses following their on-site visit to IMAGINED GENETICS in 2013; however, DR. JONES does not directly cite the report each and every time he includes information from the report. This appears to be the major omission of the blog. Dr. Jones does not include any interviews with patients that have been treated by Imagined Genetics, and does not indicate whether or not any patients were contacted for interview but declined.

In general, the blog appears to be scientifically accurate and to be generally fair. Greater balance could have been possible. The journalistic standards could have been improved with stronger referencing of published materials, and by offering Imagined Genetics an opportunity to respond.

In order to give a blog post a “Thumbs-Up” rating, the post must be accurate, balanced and show a complete commitment to journalistic standards and ethics.  This blog post failed in at least one category and therefore receives a “Thumbs-Down,” rating.


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