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For Immediate Release Gives Bioethics Blogger Thumbs-Down Rating

 MIAMI, FL, July XX, 2013 – A website devoted to vetting the journalistic standards of blog posts recently gave a blog entry made by a UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY professor a thumbs-down for balance. evaluated a blog post made by DR. INDIANA JONES, a professor at the University of New Jersey regarding the practices of a company called IMAGINED GENETICS.

Jones’ blog post characterizes the procedures taking place at Imagined Genetics as unscrupulous and ineffective.  WebFactCheck’s evaluation however determined that although the data used was accurate, most of it was regurgitated from a previous report and unbalanced in its presentation.

“Dr. Jones did not include interviews with any of Imagined Genetics’ patients for (his) blog, nor did he include any ‘patient testimonials’ that are published on Imagined Genetics website,” WebFactCheck’s report states.  “Dr. Jones does not include any interviews with patients that have been treated by Imagined Genetics, and does not indicate whether or not any patients were contacted for interviews but declined.  Greater balance could have been possible; the journalistic standards could have been improved with stronger referencing of published materials and by offering (the subjects) an opportunity to respond.”

The report published by WebFactCheck was researched and written by an expert with a Ph.D in biochemistry and more than 30 years of experience in the fields of biology, plant science, biophysics, engineering, chemistry and medical science. The site uses a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system to rate the accuracy, fairness, balance and journalistic integrity of blog posts, fulfilling the role of an online editorial watchdog.   For more information or to view the report online, visit is an online reputation management company comprised of former journalists, professional researchers and field experts.  The company specializes in the analysis of negative material directed at individuals or businesses, including blog posts, videos or published news stories.  For more information, visit www.WebFactCheck.comor call (888) 960-0086.


 Sample News Release – Not For Distribution