Search Results Removed from Google

At, our primary goal is to have negative content removed from the Internet and removed from Google search results.  We actively work to have search results removed from Google.  While the negative content may still technically be online, it is no longer indexed by the top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – and it therefore unlikely to be found.  In certain situations, we have had information removed from the Web in less than 24 hours, and it disappeared from search results in a matter of google

In other situations, we contact the owners of websites that publish negative and defamatory content and request that it be taken down.  Some sites comply while others may not, but we have had significant success in this area as well.

As background, we have developed a cyber-forensic approach to managing online issues.  Each case is carefully processed using both proprietary software and human forensics.  In short, we have developed a procedure that enables to remove unwanted search results.

The source of the results is inspected, and this is then checked against:

  • The laws of the land
  • ISP terms of use
  • The hosting terms of use
  • The hosting site terms of use
  • Google terms and quality guidelines
  • Motive and intent
  • Background of the author

In fact, on any given search result, there are more than 50,000 points of regulation which we assess against. Our findings are then used to fully remove the content from search engines or the physical website itself.

We offer a completely different business model than the highly advertised suppression companies which “push-down” negative results.  Suppression can be deemed effective by some, but the negative results remain online.  Our process removes the negative page from search results.

If our analysis determines that we can proceed, we typically remove the page with no upfront fees.  We are the only company that will remove search results from Google on a contingency basis.  Fees are often competitive with top suppression companies, but we offer removal — and payment is only made upon success.  We also guarantee these results for a period of one year, though our experience has been that once links such as this are removed from search, they don’t return.

Contact us for a free consultation and to learn about our contingency, success-based pricing model.