Public Relations

The public relations profession is changing at a rapid pace.  We have moved from an era of merely generating publicity to one that includes an added emphasis on marketing those media results to your prospects and referral sources.  We get the media hit and then ensure that it’s e-mailed to your contacts, posted on your blog and publicized on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.  We support your marketing efforts and your search engine optimization.

Through our parent company, David PR Group, we work very closely with our clients to help them use communications to instill positive perceptions and achieve very strong levels of awareness among their target prospects and referral sources.

As a public relations agency with the utmost standards of professionalism and integrity, we take a great deal of pride in our ability to confidentially and securely advise and counsel clients on the most sensitive and critically important communications for their organizations. Unlike other public relations firms, David PR Group takes a methodical approach to every assignment that has been honed through years of experience.

The three trademarks of our agency are:

  • Thorough analysis of our client’s communications needs.
  • Detailed action plans to meet and achieve their goals.
  • Deft implementation and execution.

In short, David PR Group defines the challenge, develops a communications solution and delivers results like no other firm.

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