How to Remove Posts and Complaints logo for is one of the more civilized complaint sites online. It is run by a U.S.-based company in Chicago called Sagacity Corporation. To be “sagacious” is to have good judgment, be knowledgeable and shrewd. Like most complaint sites, enables anyone to post whatever they want but it fairly clearly spells out that it wants truthful complaints.  We can remove complaints but recommend that you follow its procedures too – because the site at least has  meaningful removal policies. wants its complaints to be, among other things:

  • An actual, firsthand experience of a consumer
  • Written by the actual consumer
  • G-rated, so it is suitable for family audiences.
  • Constructive, so not just a bash.
  • They want the complaint author to be attempting to get some sort of resolution.

The organization states what appears to be its mission as the following: helps consumers make better-informed purchase decisions. helps consumers get better customer service from product manufacturers and service providers.

Given all of this, it still all comes down to Google. When you read the “About Us” section of the website, the focus is clearly on how complaints from the site will impact search results. They are unabashed that their complaints rank quickly and highly on search results on Google and other search engines. Direct quote:

Often, a single complaint posted to about a business appears higher in the search result rankings than the home page of the business that is the subject of that complaint. Posting complaints to helps get the word out on your complaint and helps businesses take notice of your complaint!

The site’s purpose is to send an online warning shot over the bow of the subject of the complaint.

So what can you do about it? Well, here’s the civilized stuff that sets apart from other sites. First, if the author of a complaint wants to change it, edit or delete, then they can. Unlike other complaint industry sites which leave complaints up no matter what, enables its users to make changes. So if I complain about a retailer for repeatedly screwing up my online order, but the retailer eventually makes it right for me, I can go back and edit it or even delete it.

The problem is that upset consumers, or even competitors, can post complaints anonymously and the object of the complaint has little recourse.

We have developed strategies to take on and remove complaints. Contact us to discuss and we can give you options.

If you have had an experience with that you want to share, please visit our How to Remove Forum to discuss it.


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Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701