How to Remove The Dirty Posts

Remove The Dirty PostsAs hated complaint sites go, is one of the most visually interesting while also being outspoken about its first amendment rights. Anyone can post pretty much whatever they want on The Dirty, and the site’s founder Nik Richie will defend it, I imagine, to the death.

We can remove posts, but the site continues to grow in authority due to its nearly constant flow of salacious content. There’s lots of bashing and lots of T & A.

In its defense, The Dirty publishes an exhaustive list of legal frequently asked questions. Most focus on why they won’t remove anything posted on the site, save of a few narrowly specific exceptions.
Here are a few highlights.

Will they remove a post which one person says is false? Long winded answer: No. The Dirty actually turns this right around on its users while making it clear that they are not the “truth police.” does not want our users to post false information. There are so many good TRUE stories out there, we have no interest in accepting posts that are false. However, we are not the truth police and we cannot and will not investigate posts to separate fact from fiction. That’s not our job.
Is there someone I can call at The Dirty for help? Answer: No. All questions must be sent by email to their legal department.

Will The Dirty consider other evidence that a post is false? This is a great answer:

Generally, no. Many posts contain individual opinions (i.e., chocolate is better than vanilla; Coke is better than Pepsi). Opinions can’t be proven false, so don’t even ask us to settle those kinds of disputes. Beyond that, we are simply not in a position to review evidence from both sides to a dispute and then choose which party is telling the truth. Factual disputes should be resolved in court, not by us.

What if we sue you into oblivion? The Dirty says bring it on and responds with this video:

One area where I have to give The Dirty credit is that the site unabashedly defends its policies – and does it in an interesting manner. We have developed strategies to remove posts, so contact us to discuss and we can give you options.

If you have had experiences with, please share them on our How to Remove Forum.


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Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701