How to Remove Complaints Board Messages and Complaints

remove complaints board webfactcheck.comWithout question, the Internet opened up communications to the entire world. Yet enabling anyone to say whatever they want – about anything – has many downsides. We can remove Complaints Board complaints and messages from Google search, but it doesn’t mean we like everything that the site stands for.

Complaint websites, such as, fill a need in the overall online community but also empower people to spread negative information and, unfortunately, lie and mislead.

In a perfect world, individuals would post information to sites like this with only the best of intent. And, it’s not a bad thing that consumers have a chance to voice their opinions. The problem is that basically hands the Internet microphone to anyone who wants to say something and doesn’t police what is next blasted-out for the world to hear.

If you check the site’s terms of use, you will see that accuracy is not part of its mission. Here are few highlights:

  • Not responsible for validity of consumer complaints.
  • Not responsible for providing responses or notifying those who receive complaints.
  • Will only remove a posted message if ordered to by a court.
  • The site assumes the writer has positive intent. (I love this one because I don’t think a complaint is ever intended to be positive.)
  • The site does not edit or censor posts, but it doesn’t investigate for accuracy either.

You can read the terms of use yourself and see that I’m not exaggerating. The site is strictly serving as a mouthpiece, and no one is checking the facts or helping those who get attacked.

We have developed strategies to take on Complaints Board and remove Complaints Board postings. Contact us to discuss and we can give you options.

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Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701