How to Remove Pissed Consumer Reviews

As names go for complaint sites, this one certainly resonates well with any customer who gets upset and wants to vent. Although somewhat indelicate in language, we all do get “pissed off” by companies and therefore become a “pissedconsumer.” The website with that very name,, has been steadily growing in popularity, much to the chagrin of many business owners.

As I like to say, we can remove Pissed Consumer reviews, but it doesn’t mean we have to be fans of the site.

Claiming more than 350,000 reviews covering 48,000 companies in more than 100 industries, the site appears rather transparent about its complaints. Companies like Direct TV, Pizza Hut, Walmart, AT&T, Lowes, Best Buy and UPS are some of its most complained-about companies, and a heat map shows popular cities for reviews. As one might imagine, big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have the most complaints, but pissed consumers in cities like Pittsburgh, Memphis and Albuquerque also get their licks in.

The site also claims to be one of the first to offer video reviews and even claims to have an iPhone app, so one can thunder away at Walmart or Pizza Hut before even leaving the confines of the respective establishment.

As with other complaint sites, the real issue of validity and truth resides within the terms and conditions. There’s little effort to represent truth and justice. Here’s a sampling what the Pissed Consumer site states:

  • Prominently displayed “hold harmless” clause which essentially says that the site is not responsible if one of its users gets sued.
  • The opinions are strictly those of the users and note the site.
  • Authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of content.
  • Yet, even though authors are responsible, they agree that nothing can be removed – even by the author.
  • The site will not guarantee the “accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information” on the site. (I love the “usefulness” word choice.)

You can check out the terms of service for yourself. On one hand, it’s freedom of speech at its best. On the other, it’s opening the door for anyone to say whatever they want, without any responsibility from the site.

We have developed strategies to take on Pissed Consumer and remove Pissed Consumer reviews. Contact us to discuss and we can give you options.

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Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701