How to Remove a Hate Blog

How to remove a hate blogFew things can do more damage to a person’s or organization’s online reputation than a hate blog. Often created anonymously and sometimes by very web-savvy individuals, a negative blog can put an immediate dent in search engine results of even the most sophisticated individuals and businesses.

The word blog is a shortened form of the term “web log,” and it was first coined in the late 1990s. Blogs were originally thought of as simple, online diaries. They were first written by individuals who memorialized their lives and pontificated on a number of subjects. Blogs were esoteric in the early days but then some clever entrepreneurs created easy-to-use blogging platforms (like Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress) – making it simpler for anyone to “blog.” Blogger was later purchased by Google which helped bring blogging to the masses.

Some blog sites have morphed into bona fide news sites — think Huffington Post or Nate Silver’s 538 blog. Others remain simple, homespun entertainment and hobbyist websites. The blog has truly helped democratize communication around the world. Yet as many have quickly figured out, with freedom of expression comes people who may not be happy with certain businesses or people.

Sometimes the hate blog is completely out in the open. We have seen scorned lovers sign their name to blogs as they proudly bash their ex-wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends. The blogger secures some personal solace in expressing their feelings (typically hostile) for all to read on the Web.

Most hate blogs, though, are anonymous. In my opinion, they are a form on online terrorism. First, consider the ease at which a person can anonymously create a blog.

  • First, visit a website like Google, Yahoo or AOL and secure a new, non-descript e-mail address.
  • Second, use that e-mail address to create blog on a site like Blogger or Tumblr.
  • Third, start writing malicious content about the person you wish to unleash your hate upon.

Within no time, these results can start appearing high on Google search results – particularly if the victim doesn’t have a strong online reputation. If the blogger is clever enough and mean enough, the site can cause an immense amount of reputational damage and even “ruin the life” of the victim. It’s online terrorism.

What can you do about it?

If the blog is truly defamatory, then you can work with an attorney to have it taken down.  We are not attorneys, but we can give you background. In order to prove that something is defamatory four elements must be met:

1) There is a false statement of fact.
2) The false statement has been publicly published and at least one other person has seen it.
3) The false statement was published with some level of fault.
4) The false statement must have caused damage to the talked-about person’s reputation.

Providing the legal documentation stating that the content you want removed is defamatory enables websites and hosting companies to assist you. If served with a court order stating that the item in question is defamatory, they will take it down.

If the site is not defamatory or you don’t want to go the legal route, you can take the WebFactCheck approach and work to remove a hate blog. In many instances, hate blogs are published in violation of the terms of service of the entities which are responsible for hosting and publishing the blog. We use a proprietary system to analyze and remove hate blogs.  We work on the victim’s behalf to get the links removed from search results. We operate on a contingency basis and can often get blogs removed from search results in a matter of days.

We have experience with Blogspot/Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and many other sites. Multiple strategies exist to combat them.

For victims of online hate, help exists but you need to ask for it.


Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701

Call me to discuss your online issue at 888-960-0086, ext. 701