New Online Reputation Management Company Launched

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New Online Reputation Management Company Launched

(MIAMI) Oct. 1, 2013 – WebFactCheck.Com, a new reputation management site devoted to evaluating the accuracy and fairness of negative blog posts, officially launched today.  The company comprised of former journalists, professional researchers and field experts will review and fact-check the veracity of negative postings made by bloggers about companies or individuals.

“We fact-check and objectively review material posted about you or your company and develop a detailed report that can be used for internal purposes or published online,” the site says. “We take on rogue bloggers, ill-informed reporters and publishers of unbalanced content.”

In the “anything goes” age of the Internet, people are seldom held accountable for the words they distribute into cyberspace. A single vitriolic post defaming the services or products of a company can have a quantifiable negative impact on that company. While most reputation management companies stress that such material should be simply suppressed, also advocates for a means to respond.

“Online reputation management firms say that you should not ignore negative posts because they can be damaging to your online reputation,” the site reads. “But here’s where the logic is flawed: By suppressing negative content, you are actually ignoring it. It’s still out there but you have just made an effort to push it down. You haven’t responded, you have just ‘ignored it on steroids.’”

No other reputation management firm offers its clients an objective analysis of offending content, a detailed report featuring a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating and a means through which to publicly respond (i.e. professional news release). is an online reputation management company comprised of former journalists, professional researchers and field experts.  The company specializes in the analysis of negative material directed at individuals or businesses, including blog posts, videos or published news stories.  For more information, visit or call (888) 960-0086.
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