Launch of Gives Private Fact Checking Traction

We recently learned of the creation of a new website from the Tampa Bay Times called If you notice a similarity to the popular Politifact, it’s because both sites will be run by the same entity.

We see this as a validation of our new business idea to create a way for private citizens and companies to fact check bloggers and media outlets, during a time when traditional media outlets (and even organizations like PolitiFact) don’t have the necessary resources.

We are very curious to see what types of projects PunditFact takes on, and we must admit that the name certainly caught our attention as we once considered the name Blogifact for our site — we still own that domain.

The big news here is that mainstream media is not taking notice of how bloggers and pundits are running “fast and loose” with the truth at times. They are publishing information without a journalistic filter and it has the potential to do damage to individuals, companies and brands.

We welcome PunditFact to the party and believe that our little slice of the business is still only occupied by We will assist the private sector with online reputation management and help fight negative internet content and web postigns in our own unique way.

More info on PunditFact is available here. Check it out.